The Journey Begins

The purpose of this site is to share the inner-workings of a heart and mind in progress; everything I post is created from my own experience, brain, and soul, unless otherwise noted.

I have chosen to share many parts of my journey because, as I trudged through the misery of each setback or the excitement of each triumph, I often wondered if any one else out there felt the same way. As I have struggled with the grief of losing a pet, romantic or other relationships or other disappointments in my life, I have found other people’s words often help to a degree, but not to the extent I often need. This page and the posts I share with you will hopefully express some of the deep thoughts and feelings I’ve had, with the hopes you may identify with them too. Life is extremely hard, but if we work together, if we share our vulnerabilities and our experiences, we may just find we are less alone in our loneliness than we think we are. Maybe we can learn from one another’s pain. Maybe the evolution and growth we witness from the sidelines can jump-start us to believing we will get through and thrive in our own lives.

If nothing else, maybe this little site will help you find hope, because…

Hope is the Way Up.

So let’s begin, hearts open, in pain or not, together. xo, me

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